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GAES is regarded as the leading multinational company in the field of hearing aid in Spain, with more than 60 years’ experience in designing (R&D), manufacturing, distributing and selling hearing aid devices to improve our clients’ quality of life. This desire to improve the lives of people with hearing impairment is exactly what leads us to keep constantly innovating.

At present, GAES has more than 500,000 clients worldwide, distributed over more than 600 hearing centres.

And since our company is continuously expanding, new GAES hearing centres are opening every year, both nationally and internationally.

In addition to our corporate duties, GAES' sense of commitment to society has led us to promote actions to raise public awareness about the effects of hearing loss and provide information about existing solutions.


GAES Audiotest

At Gaes Médica Electromedicine we offer a wide range of audiological and endoscopic equipment, as well as surgical and consultation supplies. And our own GAESaudiotest brand, with the best service.

We perform remote technical assistance to repair computer-based equipment, and we manufacture audiometric booths adapted to different needs.

GAESaudiotest audiometric booths are fully designed and manufactured in Spain. They are widely renowned for their sound-reducing properties and their high quality finish, and are distributed throughout many different countries thanks to their "screw & fit" system, which allows the shipment of fully finished but unassembled panels in palletised boxes, for booths to be quickly assembled on arrival by using just a screwdriver.


Sound-reducing Booths - Our History

GAES is a Spanish company specialized for over 60 years in hearing aid solutions for people with hearing impairments. At present, we are the leading company in the field of hearing aid in Spain and one of the first international networks for the distribution of hearing aid devices.

GAES Médica has been manufacturing audiometric booths for over 50 years, working in close relationship with the medical and hospital community, while providing the best service in electro medical equipment.

In GAES’ earliest days, its founder Joan Gassó Bosch noticed the needs of medical professionals specialized in hearing health, in terms of soundproof spaces that could provide a reliable diagnosis. Accordingly, he ordered the production of the first audiometric booths to a small carpenter’s workshop run by Ramón Calpe in the Sants district in Barcelona.

The production of these first booths required a quasi-artisanal and very complex craftwork in which each and every unit was developed and produced separately, since most manufacturers had not yet thought about such aspects as process automation or simplification to achieve certain standards that would enable chain production. Neither had they thought about the potential of combining components to produce different booth models.

The first audiometric booths were manufactured with materials typical of those times: steel, aluminium and beech wood. The designs were plain and sleek but they somewhat lacked the functionality and simplicity so in demand these days.

In the mid 90’s, being aware of the need to expand booth production to adjust to GAES’ fast growth both at home and abroad, it became obvious that the small workshop had to be enlarged, and so production was moved to a 250 square metre industrial unit located in the district of Sant Adrià, on the outskirts of Barcelona.

This relocation did not lead to great changes in production, but it did provide more working space to meet the growing demand.

It was finally in 2006 that the workshop started undergoing those much-needed changes to adjust to current needs.

The entire production process was reassessed from the beginning and, bearing in mind the current needs, new processes were defined which still prevail in today’s ever more competitive and demanding market.

Audiometric booth production started to be seen from a much more adaptive perspective, introducing the possibility of combining different structures to achieve a variety of booth models – ranging from just one square metre to almost nine – setting the door swing direction during assembly, adding as many windows as necessary and making transportation and assembly much easier.

These efforts gave birth to a new generation of booths, more modern in both their concept and design, with components and other aesthetic characteristics fit for our times.

Metal was substituted for vinyl and PVC, and booths were conceived as one more space within a doctor’s consultation: they were not isolated cubicles anymore, but rather a separate, soundproofed room.

Special doors were put in place to allow the access of wheelchairs into the booths and the former mechanical locks were substituted for magnetic, airtight profiles to make them much safer and easier to access. Both the inside and outside structures were more illuminated and comfortable thanks to the state of the art materials used in production.

In 2011, with the relocation of our audiometric booth department to our new facilities in an industrial unit of more than 1500 square metres in the industrial state of Las Guixeras, Badalona, we may agree that our determination to progress and our constant efforts have led us to evolve from an artisanal carpenter’s workshop to an industrial company that looks into the future with great expectation and new projects with great potential.

At present, GAES’ audiometric booths, wholly designed and manufactured in Spain, are renowned for their sound-reducing qualities and their high quality finish and are distributed all over the world thanks to their “screw & fit” system, which allows the shipment of fully finished but unassembled panels in palletised boxes, for booths to be quickly assembled on arrival by using just a screwdriver.

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We offer several models of audiometric booths that are easy to mount and carry to accurately measure hearing. We have models without ventilation or with forced silencing ventilation.


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